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Welcome to the News page for Bar’s Bugs New Zealand! Here we cover a wide range of car cleaning topics, sponsorship updates, events we are attending and the latest on Bar’s Bugs new product development.

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Car Washing and Car Cleaning Tips

The technical team at Bar's Bugs shares with you all of our tips and tricks for scratch & streak free car cleaning. We also share with you methods for best practice that the team at Bar's Bugs endorse. For example, "the 2-Bucket Wash Method" - emphasizing using 2 buckets when washing your car. 1 for suds, and 1 with a grit guard for rinsing. 

New product development

At Bar's Bugs we are always following trends in car care, and developing new solutions for New Zealand and Australia's unique conditions. We also announce the news when local retailers expand their Bar's Bugs offering. 


As keen supporters and partners of Hayden Paddon, The Skid Factory, and the Bar's Bugs Jetsprint team - we love sharing their events, successes and news with our Bar's Bugs customers. You can find special collaborations and activations on the Bar's Bugs News Blog. 

Seasonal Driving tips

We are experts when treating glass all year round! We love sharing our glass care tips with you for Instant Clear Vision, no matter the conditions. #seeclearly #drivesafely