T's & C's for Repco Giveaway

T’s & C’s for Repco Giveaway – www.barsbugs.com/pages/competitions


One entry is valid for each product purchased from the Bar’s Bugs Range at participating Repco stores and online between October 1 st 2020 and December 31 st 2020 with a valid original receipt. –Valid receipts and your full name, address and phone number details must be entered on the Bar’s Bugs website by midnight on 31 December 2020. Valid products for entry include BBFW500, BBICP500, BBGC500, BBTS350, BBNT, BBWCIR500, BBLCC500, BBCUC500, BBMFC3040, BBCSC500, BBCWP2000, BBSCS500, BBGC, BBGW, BBHLRKIT, BBWCWR500 and BBAF125. This promotion excludes the original windscreen additive range - BB375, BB600, BB20L, BB6L-SC, BBPM3, and BB125-T. Multiple products even if shown on the same receipt allow for multiple entries to the competition.

This promotion is valid for New Zealand residents only, and to redeem the ‘Rally ride’ portion of the experience, you must be over 18 years of age. If the randomly chosen winner is unable to be contacted within 5 working days of the promotion ending, the prize will be re-drawn. This prize is eligible to be gifted by the winning recipient to other NZ residents. The winner must provide evidence to satisfy the promotor that the winner is a New Zealand resident. The decision of the promoter on who is the winner or any decisions in relation to the prize will be final. 

This prize is the ultimate Central Otago, thrill seeking experience for two people. The prize entails the following activities, courtesy of New Zealand Rally superstar Hayden Paddon.

- 1 x ‘Money can’t buy’ Rally Rides with Hayden Paddon each
- 1 x Hot laps at highlands motorsport park with Hayden Paddon for each person
- A go-kart race for 2 people and Hayden Paddon
- Lunch for the winner and Plus one at the Highlands Café with Hayden Paddon
- Workshop tour of Paddon Rallysport
- Flights/accommodation/transport from anywhere in New Zealand
- $200 prezzy card to spend on expenses, eg – food, beverage, unforeseen expenses

Rally experience must be held over a two-day period within the 6 month window between January 1st 2021 and June 30 th 2021. Dates will be chosen by the winner, their plus one and will be given a choice of dates provided by Rally Driver Hayden Paddon. The dates for the 2 day trip must be locked and confirmed with Hayden Paddon and Bar’s Bugs by March 1st 2021. Once dates are chosen, dates cannot be rescheduled. The dates proposed by the winner is subject to final approval by Bug’s and also subject to confirmation by Hayden Paddon.

If required, flights for 2, will be booked and paid for using Air New Zealand. Bars Bug’s will have discretion to nominate the date and flights once the winner has nominated the time frame they would like to use the prize. Winners must make their way to their own way to their airport for departure, and both the winner and their plus one must fly to Queenstown from the same origin on the same flight.

If the winning recipients miss their flights, they will be responsible for making their way to Cromwell for the organised date or will have to forfeit their prize. Once locked in, it cannot be re-scheduled. The same goes for the return trip, if the flight home is missed the recipients must make their own way home (if uncontrollable circumstances occur, exceptions may apply).

Bar’s Bugs will pay for a shuttle from Queenstown Airport to Cromwell on day 1, and a shuttle from Cromwell to Queenstown Airport on day 2 up to a reasonable cost acceptable by Bar’s Bugs. Alternatively, the prize recipient can choose to have a rental car one day . To be eligible for the rental car option, there must be a driver of the vehicle with a full, clean driver’s license and be over the age of 25. Any damages or costs or traffic fines incurred with the rental car must be paid by the prize recipient.

The prize recipient and their plus one will be booked accommodation overnight at the ‘Central Park Apartments’ in Cromwell in a ‘2 Bedroom Family Unit’ up to a reasonable cost acceptable to Bar’s Bugs. If the prize recipients wish to bring along more than 2 people, they are welcome to, but extra people will not be entitled to the same ‘Rally ride’ and ‘Hot lap’ experience. Exceptions can be made for the lunch and the go-karting. Bar’s Bugs will not be paying for additional persons airfares, accommodation, or expenses (2 bedroom family unit sleeps up to 7 people). Charges and damages incurred at Central Park Apartments will be passed on to the recipient of the prize, Bar’s Bugs is not liable for costs incurred here. If you would prefer for the prize to be a day trip, this can be easily arranged.

The value of the accommodation, transport and flight component of the prize is $

Special arrangements can be discussed with Bar’s Bugs, we want you to have an amazing experience!