Microfibre Drying Towel

Products Number: BBDT

A plush drying towel designed for ultimate water absorption. Its 1200 GSM ultra thick microfibre fabric can absorb approximately 10 times it's weight in liquid. The 70/30 polyester to polymide makeup of this microfibre drying towel ensures it is completely non-abrasive and will not leave scratches or lint on glass, mirrors, or your automotive paintwork. The higher than normal ratio of polyamide helps to absorb water faster, ultimately making your job easier. The edging of our drying towel is velour hemmed and ultra soft so that 100% of the towel can be used- and, unlike some drying towels, the edging will not scratch your paintwork. The Bar's Bugs Drying towel has a whopping 70 x 100cm drying surface, making the final step in washing your car quicker than ever.
To avoid leaving fluff on your car, wash and shake well before first use.


  • 70/30 Microfibre blend. 1200GSM
  • 70cm x 100cm 
  • Velour hemmed to prevent scratches and swirls
  • Handy draw-string storage bag included

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