Use Bar's Bugs to Clean your Tinted Windows

How To: Clean Aftermarket Tinted Windows 

Over the course of this blog we will discuss how to Clean your Tinted Windows. Window tints serve as sunglasses for your vehicle, offering sun protection and privacy, while enhancing aesthetics. But they’re prone to highlighting finger prints, dust and other normal contaminants found in your vehicle.
Some glass is ‘Factory Tinted’, which means the glass itself contains dyes and pigments, that are mixed-in during manufacturing. This sort of window darkening/colouring is not reversible, and is the most robust sort of tinting. Factory tinted glass is just as sturdy as regular automotive glass, and can be cleaned without worry.
But, tints are often installed by adhering a plastic film to a car's glass, which is referred to as ‘Aftermarket Tint Installation’. This kind of tint is very delicate and can be removed with heat, chemical solutions and sharp tools. These removal solutions are also commonplace within many vehicle cleaning practices – hence accidental damage is common!

Here's some tips for looking after your Aftermarket Tinted windows

Let your Tint Cure

If you have just had your windows tinted, let them ‘dry’. The plastic needs time to bond with the glass.
Window tints are applied to the inside of glass, so this means it is OK for you to drive around as usual.
But don’t wind the windows down for at least 4 days, and we recommend you don’t clean them for one month.

Use Mild Cleaning Products

Not all Glass Cleaners are created equally. Chemicals such as ammonia can damage tinted windows over time, causing them to pucker and peel off, and also fade and discolour. Some regular household cleaners also include a high concentrate of alcohol, which can also cause this sort of damage.
Bar’s Bugs Glass Cleaner Spray was designed specifically for automotive glass and hard surfaces. It is perfectly safe to clean tinted windows, is a gentle formula that is heavy-duty enough to ensure a streak and grease free finish.
Use Bar's Bugs Glass Cleaner on tinted windows

Get the Right Tools

Soft, microfibre cloths are great for cleaning tinted windows. Scratches on window tints are permanent, and very visible - unlike those on regular glass which can be buffed out, and are often only visible in certain lights.
Squeegees can also work – but only if using one carefully, making sure not to drag debris across the tint (avoid scratching etc.)


Technique is important

Have your automotive Glass Cleaner Spray handy to clean your tinted windows.
First, grab a fresh microfibre cloth and give the inside of your window a light pass over to catch loose debris. Spray the Glass Cleaner over the glass, and with the cloth still in hand, gently swirl it around the glass to spread the solution evenly – wicking away further debris if present. (The Bar’s Bugs Waffle Weave Microfibre Glass Cloth is perfect for this).  Swipe this cloth down the window from top to bottom, in circular swirls, to wipe off the cleaning solution. Keep at it until your window is rid of any residue and grime.
Using an extra dry microfiber cloth, (Bar’s Bugs Microfibre Cloth is perfect for this) to buff away any streaks and leave your window looking flawless. For best results, pass over the glass with overlapping motions.  You may have to flip over your cloth to the dry side to give those window panes a final polish.
If you don’t have an automotive glass cleaner, or any microfibre cloths… You can use paper towels and water to clean tinted windows. Paper towels tend to leave behind difficult to remove lint, and water isn’t effective at removing contaminants - but these tools wont damage your window tint.
Clean Tinted Windows with Bar's Bugs Glass Cleaner