Shine On with Bar's Bugs new & improved Glass Wipes

We’re all about perfecting our products, and when we felt our Glass Wipes were not lasting the test of time we took to reviewing and trialling new manufacturing processes and packaging. The trusty Bar’s Bugs team are now pleased to announce our new longer lasting Glass Wipes.

Fresh out of production, parcelled in a new moisture retaining package and accompanied by a new formulation - you'll love our new and improved Glass Wipes!

Our handy pack of glass wipes are a quick and convenient solution for cleaning glass and other hard surfaces and the special formulation leaves your windows streak free – no need to reach for the newspaper to remove those annoying last streaks and smudges.

The perfect pal for your glove box or bathroom cabinet!

Bar’s Bugs New Improved Glass Wipes

• 25 Wipes

• Streak Free

• Clear Vision

• Window Tint Safe Grab a pack today from your local Repco store.

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