Reduce window haze with Bar's Bugs wax free car wash!

How do I keep my car clean but ensure wax from the car wash doesn't affect window haziness?

  • Quick solution….use a wax free car wash. Unlike some other car washes, our product doesn’t contain wax. Why? Because Wax can build up on itself especially on glass after repeated uses… the result of this is a hazey build up that makes the windscreen glass and surrounding windows harder to see through.
  • We spent more than 12 months testing and developing this product. We packed in all of the latest car wash technology containing cleaning agents that are tough on dirt but mild on paintwork. These agents prevent loosened dirt from redisposing while you wash, leaving behind a nano thin protective layer of advanced polymers. This layer protects the paint just like wax, allowing water to sheet off the bodywork quickly and reduces water spotting.
  • All you need: Bucket, sponge and our car wash!
  • Wet the whole car with a hose. Fill a bucket with water while adding four caps of Bar’s Bugs Car Wash & Protectant and mix together. Sponge on, wipe the dirt away and hose off.

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