Peter Taylor from Road Safe Australia uses Bar's Bugs

Watch Road Safe, National Sales Manager, Peter Taylor treat his D-Max to some Bar’s Bugs TLC.

Road Safe Australia promotes road safety by providing automotive products and services. One notable individual associated with RoadSafe Australia is Peter Taylor. Peter Taylor has been working as the Manager of Operations at RoadSafe Automotive Products for 19 years. He is based in Braeside, Victoria, Australia. With extensive experience in the industry, Peter Taylor is well-versed in the automotive sector! 

‘‘Working for arguably the leading aftermarket chasis part and 4WD wholesale supplier across Australia’’ and with 42 years in the industry Peter certainly knows what’s what in the Auto industry!

Peter uses Bar's Bugs water repellent additive in his washer reservoir. Then he sets off to burn some rubber and kick up the dirt with the 4WD team. By using Bar’s Bugs water repellent Peter significantly improved his windscreen visibility whilst repelling water, spray, and all things nasty!

After his busy day off-roading came to an end Peter could not wait to clean up his act and D-Dirt the D-Max with his favourite Bar’s Bugs car care beauties! See clearly and drive safely with Bar's Bugs products. 

Road Safe

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