How to Clean the Interior of your Windscreen

Using Bar's Bugs Glass Wipes or Glass Cleaner Spray + Microfibre Cloth

Keeping your car's windscreen clean not only enhances visibility but also ensures a safe driving experience. Bar's Bugs Glass Wipes, or Glass Cleaner Spray with a Microfibre Cloth are excellent tools to achieve a streak-free, spotless inside of your windscreen. Here’s how to use them effectively:

How to clean the inside of your windshield

Preparation is Key
Before starting, ensure the car is parked in a shaded area to prevent the cleaner from drying too quickly, which can leave streaks.

It also helps if it is not too hot of a day.

Aim to remove any visible dust or loose debris from the windscreen surface before using Bar's Bugs products.


Bar's Bugs Glass Wipes Method

  • Open the Bar's Bugs Glass Wipes packet and pull out a wipe.
  • Gently wipe the interior surface of the windscreen in a back-and-forth motion, ensuring complete coverage.
  • For stubborn spots or streaks, re-fold the wipe to a clean section and continue wiping until the surface is clear.
  • Reseal the packet using the provided sticky strip. 


      Bar's Bugs Glass Cleaner Spray + Microfibre Cloth Method


      • Spray a small amount of glass cleaner onto a clean, dry microfibre cloth.
      • Carefully wipe the interior of the windscreen using the dampened cloth, moving in circular motions for even coverage.
      • Use a separate dry microfibre cloth to buff the surface until it is completely dry and streak-free.

       (Note - If you are using Bar's Bugs Cloths, we reccomend using the Waffle Weave Cloth First, and the Microfibre Cloth to buff the glass for a streak free finish) 


      Final Touches

      • Inspect the windscreen from different angles to ensure no streaks or smudges are left behind by contaminants smeared around during cleaning.
      • If needed, repeat either process until the glass is crystal clear.


        Regular cleaning using either of these methods will maintain a clear, unobstructed view while driving, contributing to your safety on the road. Shop the Bar's Bugs Glass Care range online now.


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