Bar's Bugs partners with rally driver Hayden Paddon

Here at Bar’s Bugs HQ we are beaming with pride and rallying around with excitement when it comes to announcing our partnership with none other than New Zealand’s most successful rally driver – Hayden Paddon!

Go-karting from the age of 6, Hayden set his sights on being the best of the best and he’s not about to slow down any time soon!

Despite being only 33 years old Hayden’s career has brought him global acclaim in a sport that’s watched by millions - Hayden’s success is un-rivalled with hugely enviable wins and a fan following as big as his trophy cabinet!

Hayden’s drive, passion and dedication races out and with the help of Bar’s Bugs product range we can be sure that his cars will shine through as they race over the finish line.

“…a great quality product that we use for all our cleaning and protection of our cars”

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